Stacie Balanoff, Cortney Nathanson


Recording Secretaries:

Danielle King, Open position


Ruth Brenner, Kerry Sass

Financial Secretaries:

Christos Chios, Jim Creaven

Community Relations:

Erica Wolf, Open position


Sandra Behar, Open position

Hospitality & Membership V.P.’s:

Lauren Medeck, Terri Pennacchia, Chriscelyn Tussey

Education, Recreation & Welfare V.P.’s:

Gilberte Lal, Erica Rand Silverman, Laura Zito

Community Building V.P.’s:

Natasha Mlotok, Randi Press, Karyn Thompson 


Special Events V.P.’s:

Ilaria Sorrentino-Mangieri, Jim Tussey, Open position

External Fundraising V.P.'s:

Heather Turk, 3 Open positions

Internal Fundraising V.P.'s:

Nicole Giacco, Karen Napolitano, 3 Open Positions

Garden Committee V.P.:
Alex Benchimol, Open position

Parents at Large:

Sarenne Sutton (5th Grade)

Tal Raeside (class liaison)

Open - Prek and K, Class Liaison


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If you are interested in helping the Executive Board, please email