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P.S. 116 believes in the importance of self-expression, diversity education, and work around equity and access for all. In 2021-2022, we once again invite students in grades 3, 4, and 5 to become members of the Rainbow Alliance. Under the guidance of              Ms. Guenther and Mr. Iocco, P.S. 116’s Rainbow Alliance will serve to celebrate and support LGBTQ+ students, family members, teachers, and allies, all while building students’ awareness about the diverse and colorful world in which we live. 


Our newest members will be welcomed to the group as we review and revise the club’s mission, set new goals, and provide outreach to the greater school community. We will be meeting once a month after school in person to discuss topics of study, and to engage in collaborative projects and discourse around the goals we have established.


Grown-ups and students, please take the time to discuss this opportunity at home with each other. And, we hope all of our existing members will talk about the Rainbow Alliance with classmates and friends.


We hope you will join us on the journey for awareness, understanding, and solidarity of all P.S. 116 students and community members! We are so excited to work with you, and to hear your ideas about how to continue to breathe life into the Rainbow Alliance.


In friendship,

Elliot Iocco, Music Teacher

Martha Guenther, Performing Arts Teacher

Winter 2022

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